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Chart - Average Water Consumption by Car Wash Type (liters)

When it comes to car washing, there is a lot more to being environmental than just being a water saver. In minimizing our ecological footprint we have assessed every aspect of our operation. Ecowash was built upon the principle that it is a corporate responsibility to be environmentally sustainable.

In addition to developing a True GREEN Mobile Auto Detailing Service, Ecowash continues to look for ways to improve its environmental sustainability.

Initiatives include:

  • Products All Ecowash products are biodegradable and most of them made of natural ingredients (by North American standards).
  • Consumable recycling The bottles in which the products are supplied are recyclable - part of the bottle purchase price is a recycling fee. Most of the bottles are refilled and reused.
  • Reusable cloths All Micrefiber Towels used in the Ecowash process can be washed and reused docens of times.
  • Vehicle selection Selection of vehicles with minimal environmental impact e.g. Hyundai Accent and Chevy Aveo.
  • A paperless office IT/email focus and electronic document storage to reduce reliance on paper based products.

Ecowash is the answer to all your concerns about the negative environmental impact when you use hundreds of gallons of tap water to wash your vehicle and do it with products that contains Kerosene, Harmful Silicones or Abrasive Agents. Most of Our products are made of natural ingredients and can save hundreds litres of water in only one application.