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EcoWash Earth Friendly products.
Ecowash uses are a combination of Biodegradable and Eco-friendly products. For example our unique liquid wax (hand applied) can polish, wax, seal and UV protect in one application, without using noisy machines.
How do you wash a car with only 25 liters of water (or less)?
We applied as a mist that softens, emulsifies and encapsulates dirt and other contaminants. The liquid is then gently removed with water pressure. We use a rubber blade to get rid of excess of water, a fine layer of wax is left behind which is buffed with a microfiber shiner.
Wont it scratch the paint?
No. The Soaps we use will not scratch the paintwork as its unique formula lifts the dirt off the surface, forming a protective barrier between the dirt and the paintwork.
How does EcoWash's Wax protects the paint?
The liquid wax we use contains 17 major active ingredients including Carnauba Wax, a high quality wax and sealant. This forms a very hard film over the vehicle's surface to protect against UV rays, pollution, salt, bird droppings and more.
How often should I EcoWash my vehicle?
We recommend Eco Washing your vehicle at least every few weeks, to keep it shiny and protected. Our professional On-site team will come to your home or office and look after it for you.
Can you clean very dirty vehicles?
Yes. Our products are highly effective cleaners which easily removes dirt, grime, road film, tar, grease and oil without harmful chemicals, or the risk of scratching.
Why should I wax my car?
As well as cleaning your car it is important to wax it regularly as well. This is because waxing leaves a coat which protects the paint from the environment as well as leaving a deep, lustrous finish.
Is EcoWash safe for my vehicle?
Yes. Our Products were created by car detailing experts after many years of research and development. It has been extensively tested and is safe for all paint types including modern clear coats, gel coats and vehicles with paint protection.
Do I need to purchase an expensive paint protection?
No. EcoWash products provide a protective coating for your vehicle, so save your money and invest in a regular EcoWash treatments instead.
Can EcoWash Services be used on other vehicles?
Yes. EcoWash products and services are perfect for motorbikes, trucks, boats and more. Not only will it clean, shine and protect but the over spray is completely harmless to the aquatic environment. Also reduces the forming of barnacles on boats.
How do I know that EcoWash Products are genuinely environmentally friendly?
It is important to be aware of what is in the product that you are working with, Is it safe health wise, is it organic or does it contain petroleum distillates or solvents and hazardous chemicals? Will it harm the paint work over time? Look for the ingredient details on the label. Our products are made from all Eco-friendly ingredients and doesn't contain any hazardous components. We are extremely proud and confident of the fact that there are NO hazardous chemicals and is non flammable, which gives our products one of the highest safety ratings of any product of it's kind.
How Ecowash Services are different than some other car washes?
EcoWash offers quality services and products at a fair price. It contains only the best ingredients and produces an unmatched finish. It was developed over a decade ago in the USA and not as a result of the current water shortage. We only use quality products with quality ingredients giving quality results. Considering all of that, EcoWash Services and Products are very affordable. Quality on every level. And remember, we Clean your vehicle at your location, we go were you car is. There are some waterless car wash products that have recently "appeared" on the market and we recommend that you treat their cheap price and short term history with a high degree of caution.
How long does it take to clean a car?
Cars can be cleaned in as little as 30 minutes. Our services range from approximately 30 minutes for a Essential EcoWash Treatment to 120 minutes for a Deluxe EcoWash Treatment with additional time for any Extra Service.
What if it rains, should I still clean my car?
Yes. EcoWash cleans, polishes, waxes, seals and protects the exterior paintwork of your car. Water will bead off the surface and can be removed with a chamois or microfiber towel, leaving a shiny finish.
Do you have rain-checks for inclement weather?
Yes, we will reschedule your appointment.
Do you have group or office discounts?
Yes, we offer group discounts.
Do you wish to have personal/valuable items removed from the vehicle before you clean it?
Do you need a water or electrical outlet?
We need an Electrical Outlet near by the vehicle and We don't require any water.
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